Innovative Approach to Hair Wellness

Innovative Blend for Improving Various Types of Alopecia and Reducing Hair Loss This synergistic formula was meticulously developed to optimize the interaction of diverse active ingredients expressly indicated for alopecia. Combining these elements, we have harnessed their collective power to achieve a potent effect. Our exclusive and pioneering formula is the culmination of extensive research in chemical bioengineering, spanning several years.

Our innovative and exclusive formula is:


1-Saw palmetto extracts



4-Protein Complex

5-VITAMINE Complex

6-Tea leaf Extracts

Help in:

  • Alopecia areata Seasonal hair loss
  • Alopecia by deficiency Postpartum
  • Alopecia, traumatic, toxic postfebril, postoperative

Package Box of 10 Vials X 10 Ml

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