Post Laser Gel

Specifically formulated to be used after laser treatments. It typically has soothing and healing properties to help alleviate any discomfort, redness, or irritation that may occur after a laser procedure. It is designed to provide gentle care and promote the skin’s recovery process following a laser treatment session.

Our innovative and exclusive formula is:


  1. Palmitoyl Peptide-8
  2. Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice
  3. Oligopeptide-1
  4. Stearic Acid
  5. Rheum Rhaponticum
  6. Root Extract
  7. Panthenol
  8. Menthol

Help in:

  • Reduce irritation – Reduces inflammatory
  • Skin Conditioning Agent Soothing red skin
  • Help burns heal and Wound healing

Package Box of 500 ML /17.59 fl oz

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